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Ken Futamura

About me

My name is Ken Futamura. I love helping people and I’m fascinated about the human body. Beyond helping my clients find relief from discomfort and chronic tension they might be experiencing, my goal and personal challenge is to help them understand the biomechanics of their own bodies, so they can avoid injuries in the future.

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The benefits of receiving regular therapeutic massages

Reduces chronic tension

Reduces headaches frequency

Improves posture

Improves range of motion

Relieves stress and improves sleep quality

Enhances sport performance

If you’re experiencing chronic tension or any other discomfort, a personalized blend of my massage therapy styles can help you find the balance you need. Click on the button below to find out more about each restaurative modality used in my sessions.

A few words from clients I helped

Ken is the best massage therapist I’ve ever had. I used to go to renowned spas to get my massages but always came out disappointed. Ken’s work is truly therapeutic. He was able to get through my tension points and release them. He’s the real deal!

Cristina Baz

Ken is an incredibly talented and dedicated therapist with a keen eye for dysfunction. He was able to identify and treat issues that have troubled me for years. Highly recommended.

Faz Moosa Rmt

Ken's massages are always exactly what I need. He helped me sort out some nagging hamstring tension, as well as some stiff shoulders. Whenever I push it a bit too hard on my kite board or at the rink, and my body starts complaining about the abuse, a few sessions under Ken's healing hands put my body and I back in sync. The guy's got skills...

Jason Crooks