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Ken Futamura

My name is Ken Futamura. I love helping people and I’m fascinated about the human body.

My interest in the muscular mechanics of the body and the self-healing capacities it holds, stems from when I started practicing artistic gymnastics at age 12. After 10 years in this sport and being on the Canadian artistic gymnastics team in 1992, I was recruited as an artist by Cirque du Soleil in 1998. Having performed for 13 years in two productions (LaNouba and Alegria), with the guidance of the medical team, I learned quickly how to prevent and heal from acrobatic injuries. I also learned how weekly therapeutic massages were essential for my own regeneration and improvement.

In 2012, I graduated in Swedish Kinectic Massage® therapy from the Kine-Concept Institute, one of the most renowned massage therapy institutions in Montreal, Canada. In order to continuously improve as a professional, I chose to build my massage technique repertoire with Integrated Deep Tissue Massage, Integrated Cranial Therapy, Kin-Intégrée®, Advanced Sports Massage (CSMTA), Structural Myofascial Therapy® and Postural Somatic Awareness (Baron Bodyworks). Beyond helping my clients find relief from any discomfort and chronic tension they might be experiencing, my goal and personal challenge is to help them understand the biomechanics of their own bodies, so they can avoid injuries in the future.

I truly believe in the body’s ability to heal itself and massage therapy is one of the essential paths to restore its health and wholeness. Being aware of your own body in the environment, can help you avoid many different types of lesions. If you’re experiencing chronic tension or any other body discomfort, a personalized blend of my massage therapy styles can help you find the balance you need, so you can continue enjoying your life to the fullest.